PMC will develope an economical navigation system for your business, you can also run by your own.
It consists of:

Who are the customers and what do they demand?

The companies must focus on their customers. From the buying behavior and other information you should recognize what services your customers could be interested i. Therefore, you should seek ways to learn as much as possible about your customers.

You can reduce only that cost, you know!
You need to learn more about which processes for the creation of operational performance are required, and what costs are caused. Often, there are unnecessary frills or double structures. Only with this knowledge can develop appropriate rationalization measures, instead of paltry cuts, destroy the most values.

Who can not pay, is broke!

You must realize early financial difficulties yet to respond. For this, you need data on time and height of your deposits and withdrawals. The bank statement is not sufficient.

Do the right things

Starting from the development of the markets, your company must find its place. This must to evaluate first the development of the market and your market share, as well as your ability to positively influence both.

80% of the future costs are determined by the investment decision.
For investment decisions, you should take time. With different methods of capital budgeting and different scenarios, the effects of an investment can be simulated to create a sound data basis for the decision.

Do the things right
In your strategic planning, you have defined the direction in which you wish to develop your business. It needs to be supplemented in a detailed planning sets the next steps on this way in a realistic manner and distributed the tasks for it.

The radar of liquidity
The data of the operational planning of the success can be further developed to operational financial planning. It forms the basis for a cash management, so the management of liquidity for the next few weeks on a daily basis.



for sales, costs and payments
With a good reporting and a sophisticated planning can be variances between plan and is not only calculate the amount; they can be broken down to various causes. This analysis you can then interpret and - if necessary - targeted control against.

Have a healthy customer base or depend on them too much by a few large customers?

Your company is reasonably busy or have excess capacity?

Your cost structure is competitive or must she be improved?

Many important issues not be in the business of the day. You should take time once a year, to shine through your company, to plan the next year, and to make the question whether your company is set up correctly.



PMC offers to accompany you in the process
and to get you in the position to carry it out alone in future

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