Management of apartment-owner communities (AOCs)


There are many entrepreneurs and companies that provide management services for apartment-owner communities (AOCs). Often, they advertise a variety of supervised objects with low monthly fees. Communities with problems are not accepted or settled with high rates per hour for extra services.
We want, however, respond to your heeds and help you to solve your problems. Conflicts often occure legal questions. This is our specialty. Possible areas of conflict are:


Reports and business plans

Traditional AOC-administrations are often set to mass processing and the co-owner may not always understand for example the individual positions of the accounts and check them. Then there are many owners who accept the figures and some few people who ask intensively. A totally transparent reporting, which includes a CD containing copies of of all accounts, journals and lists of account balances, as well as all scanned documents in addition to the bills, could create new confidence in such conflict situations.


Structural changes

It is common that co-owner adapt their homes to their needs and not observe the limits of the Declaration of Division. It  leads to dispute if they are asked for decommissioning - often after years. In many cases, it should be possible that the community subsequently approved changes, if the owners make a few corrections or pay a special contribution to the Community budget.


Commercial and residential units

The coexistence of commercial and residential units leads to conflicts especially if there are a few majority owner units with the value vote and the owners of apartments believe that they pay the costs for them, for example, high trash fees. Then, some majority owners have an interest in out-of-court solutions, e.g. over consumption-dependent billing. Other causes can be nuisances such as through the noise from restaurants or the visitors of doctor's offices next to apartments.



Especially to the cost improvements, there are often differences of opinion. In many cases, better information about the benefits of certain projects can help avoid conflicts. Traditional AOC-administrations with their bulk operation cann't see a benefit for themselves taking action on such communication. However, different plans, owners want an average quality or increase the value of the object by luxury upgrades, are more difficult to solve.



There are cases of conflict, which can only be solved through a mutual giving and taking. Here, a neutral person should hear all sides and develop proposals, the other co-owners could also agree to. The cost of a mediation are often better invested as court and Attorney's fees for AOC-proceedings at District Court.


We don't want to build up a bulk operation with our AOC-management! For us giving advice and solving problems is in the focus.



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