Global Investment

Germany is located in the middle of the European common market and is a location with high labour productivity, first-class infrastructure, strong innovation, attractive location policy and quality of life. Its political system is crisis-proof, its public finances are solid in the international comparison and the banking sector is stable. Frankfurt am Main is a financial centre of international importance. The economic risk of investment is comparatively small. Germany is a country where companies such as private persons from all over the world can be present to have a safe haven in case of economic or political risks in their home country.

There are different types of motivation why foreign investors want to invest in Germany. Sometimes there are good returns, sometimes strategic perspectives. But they are most of the same tasks - rating a company or a real estate - contracts - finance...  For the implementation of such plans, a German partner should be activated, that doesn't want to sell a certain investment only to get his commission, like a broker. You need somebody to advise you honestly and to represent your interests.

A motivation for an investment can be, to get a residence permission with this investment according to section 21 and to travel  to the Schengen Statesfor business purposes without spending time to get a visa. Because of Frankfurt International Airport, the Rhine-Main area is basically a good location as a European base of foreign investors.

However, this regulation is a may-be-rule. The Immigration Office must come to the conviction that there is an economic interest or a regional need, the activity can be expected positive impact on the economy and the financing of implementation through equity or a loan commitment is secured. This should be clarified in advance with the immigration authorities supported by a local consultant, whether it can come to this conclusion on the basis of the submitted documents. For this, the plans must be explained frequently; written applications from abroad are often rejected faster. Basically, every community is interested in establishing businesses and raise more tax revenue. Because the Rhine-Main area consists of various cities and counties, various immigration authorities can come to different assessments.

We can support you as foreign investor:

     • searching for appropriate objects

     • Evaluating companies according to approved procedures

     • in contract negotiations

     • Represent you with certifications

     • Establish contacts with banks and authorities

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