The Federal Ministry of Justice is in a joint project with the juris GmbH for interested citizens almost the entire current federal law for free; the part also in English translation.


Federal Court: – Federal Constitutional Court – Federal Supreeme Court – Federal Tax Court – Federal Social Court – Federal Labour Court – Federal Administration Court



Insolvency and corporate information: – insolvency notices – foreclosures of real estate – public directory about the registered merchants – Data subject to publication of about company

The IFRS text of the IFRS Portal contain the full text of international financial reporting standards, international accounting standards, the international financial reporting interpretations Committee and Standing Interpretations Committee of the EU published a German translation. Edition 3.0 includes the texts of all standards and interpretations adopted until 4th of April 2013, as have been printed in the EU OJ. At the end of the document lists the corresponding EU regulations.

The texts of the double tax treaties concluded by Germany, as well as other State-related publications can be obtained here.

Income tax policies, tax policies, tax policies, tax policies, VAT directives, application adoption of the tax code and inheritance tax policy can be downloaded here free of charge. The tax policies are statements of Federal Minister of Finance on the financial offices. You have not the rank of a statute. With the tax policy, especially changes in legislation and recent case law be implemented. The tax policies include a series of judgments of financial courts and of the Federal Tax Court. It usually involves judgments which are agreeable to the tax authorities.

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