How to get there

Our Office is located in the heart of the Rhine-Main region in the Centre of Rüsselsheim. Adam Opel in 1862 founded his first workshop in the former Ochsengasse (Ox-Lane), which is now part of the Löwenplatz ( Lion Square). This place is today located on the roof of a public underground parking. A few metres from the historic square, you will find our office. It is easy to find us by public transport as well as by car.


With public transport

  With City Train from Frankfurt

  S 8 direction Mainz/Wiesbaden


  S 9 direction Wiesbaden

  With City Train from the direction of Mainz

  S 8 direction Frankfurt/Hanau

  With City Train in direction Wiesbaden

  S 8 direction Frankfurt/Hanau


  S 9 direction Frankfurt/Hanau

  With City Train from direction Darmstadt

  no direct connection


(You can go to Frankfurt with the S3 and get there in the S8 or S9, or get RB75 regional train to Bischofsheim and there in the S8).


Walk from the station

They leave the station in northern direction and go in the market Street. The (former) OPEL factory with the Adam Opel monument is located left of you. You cross the Weisenauer Street at a pedestrian crossing. Further go on market Street (pedestrian zone) and after 100 m on the right side of the passage of the lion. After you have crossed the passage, you will see our Office easy right.

With the car

The transport hub of Rüsselsheim, is located close to Frankfurt airport and is easily accessible from the surrounding cities of Frankfurt am Main, Wiesbaden, Darmstadt and Mainz via the motorways A3, 671, 67, 60.

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