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The Prof. Dr. Müller Management & Consulting GmbH (PMC) is a young service company in the Rhine-Main area, which will support in particular small and medium-sized enterprises in the development of economic instruments, without establishing a complicated administrative apparatus. Our latest project is an office-operations service, which offers an innovative low-cost start-ups attorneys at law and tax advisors by which approx. 70% of the administrative costs can be saved.

In large companies, outsourcing has a growing importance. Specific tasks will be awarded to subcontractors, who can become dependent on their large customers. To assert their position in relation to its clients and to meet the quality demands of customers, even small companies should expand their economic instruments. But they can not afford to establish a bigger administrative apparatus.

The solution consists in the establishment of a network of multiple companies and freelancers in which even small businesses their tasks partly outsource. We, the PMC, want to develop solutions for and with our customers, which can later be continued by others. And the idea of the network includes also our own activity. For inquiries to such problems which cannot be counted any more to the core competence of Prof. Dr. Müller Management & Consulting GmbH contacts with colleagues can be arranged, can help the company. Because...

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